New Homes


Design your new home and let your landscape inspire architecture that reflects your taste and personality. Bubbling with ideas for your new home and finding pre-draw plans aren’t quite right for you? We can help to put you in touch with local drafts people and architects that can put your ideas to paper.

Eastbay builders can assist with design specifications and plans to project application stage too. Project manager Phil is with you from the start and will help make the most of your cleverly designed plans to set budgets, time requirements and really bring your new home to life.

Throughout your project Phil and the team will take the time to include you and make the building process easy and carefree answering all and any questions you have. This also allows you the ability to change something if needed and that way you won’t be looking back wishing you could have made that space a little different.

Before you know it you will be moving into your dream home! It’s that easy!